Some bugs have been discovered:
* The keyboard + mouse scheme seems to break easily.
* The game sometimes crash when items are consumed. Coins to vending machines, drinking potions or exploding bombs.
* web: Start button on gamepad doesn't start the game. Use 'enter' key.

Dave has no pockets so he has to make due only using his hands to grab things. He don't like grabbing anything with just one hand either.

Use controller or keyboard + mouse in a twin-stick fashion to navigate Dave through the dungeon filled with mindless minions!

Created for the GMTK jam. Hope you enjoy!


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Neat game, you did really well on the music and overall aesthetics. It was fun to swing around the sword and throw it at enemies. 100% needs more polish programming wise though. When I bought my first item I teleported outside the map. The death screen's pretty bad too but I think it's safe to assume you just ran out of time on that one.

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I grabbed almost the first creative commons music I found, but thanks 😅

Yeah that bug is annoying, I've had several reports of it but find it hard to reproduce it. Gonna hunt it down this week I think.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Glad someone understood how to swing the sword 😆

The game has crashed as soon as I used this machine :/ the game and the music froze up.

Dang it... it seems a bit random, I haven't been able to track it down. Thanks for reporting it! ✌

No problem :) Hope you can fix it somehow ^^;

I guess a patch will have to wait until after the jam. I've played through it a few times without it crashing though, so I hope it doesn't bother too many.
Just curious, did try playing again after the crash? That vending machine wasn't essential to completing the level anyway :)

I did try ^^;;;; but well, not very successfully either ^^;;;; when I grabbed the sword, it kept pushing me on the opposite direction, and so, for instance, if the sword was on the right side, I couldn't mode to the right, because the sword kept pushing the player. Also, when I got to the mob of monsters, they crowded me, and I couldn't swing the sword ^^;;;;;;;;;;;

Wow, that seems really not like intended. Was this in the browser or downloaded? Did you play with a gamepad or keyboard + mouse?

lol same here